Vaccinate your family against diseases like influenza (flu), pneumonia, and cervical cancer. More info.

Doctors, nurses, therapists, and caregivers direct to your doorstep to help you manage your health care needs. More info.

Assisted-living residences for Lolo and Lola in Quezon City and Las Piñas City. More info.

Send health care pros to your company or community for group immunization, diagnostic testing, and related activities. More info.

What is HHC?

Home Health Care, or HHC is a health care service provider that aims to deliver medical services and wellness programs to people in the comfort of their own homes.

We specialize in giving quality medical services to seniors and home-bound individuals.

We are a group of fully-accredited physicians, working together with an extensive network of health care professionals such as nurses, therapists and caregivers to give you hospital-quality health care -- at the comfort of your own home.

Now, a doctor is just a phone call away.

For the past six years, HHC has gladly served over 10,000 clients for various services in homes, offices, and communities throughout Metro Manila and environs.  We also have 3 Residential Facilities (nursing home) where we maintain a home environment, provide assisted living, residential social care, adult day care, respite and hospice care to all ages, including care for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  We have been cited as a community resource providing quality home care for seniors across all settings.

Employer benefits from workplace vaccination

The rainy season has officially begun and so is the flu and pneumonia season.

DOH program manager Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy reminds the public, “The best way to protect yourself and your family from flu is to get vaccinated. The flu vaccine will prevent one from getting sick, including the chance of contracting any of the other significant complications, or at least help reduce the severity of the illness.”

Group Flu and Pneumonia vaccinations at your own homes

Group flu and pneumonia vaccinations now possible for the families at their own homes or communities.

Home Health Care offers another unique service that still helps ensure that Lola and Lolo remain in good health.

Physical Therapy at Home

P800.00 per session within Metro Manila • Initial assessment and goal formation by physical therapist • Physical therapy treatment plan • Equipment, modalities needed (Ultrasound, TENS, hot and cold packs) • Patient education • Coordination with patient's physician • Convenience, comfort, privacy of patient's own home

How Home Visits Can Mean Bigger Savings

A regular check-up for a loved one in need of long-term care often costs more than you think. It usually means taking the day off because the doctor’s clinic is open only during office hours – and that’s an entire day of earnings down the drain. It means arriving about thirty minutes to an hour before the doctor arrives to make sure you get to book the first appointment; that way, you don’t waste too much time waiting for your turn. Unfortunately, that also means you still have to wait about an hour before the check-up – and that’s time you will never get back. Usually, you book all your clinic appointments in one day to save time and effort: you schedule an appointment with the cardiologist, endocrinologist, and other specialists your loved one may need. That translates to buying meals for you, your loved one, the driver, and other companions who have come along. And if you don’t already employ a driver, you have to pay extra for a special transportation service, just to ensure the comfort of your loved one. For instance, it might be too tiring for a person with cardiac failure to wait in line for a cab. Already, one day at the hospital can amount to thousands of pesos worth of expenses.

Assisted Living Facilities: The Unfair Stigma

The Filipinos are very family-centered. Homes are composed not only of nuclear families, but of aunties, uncles, cousins, in-laws, and grandparents. It is part of the Filipino culture to nurture extended families – and perhaps this upbringing is where many of our wonderful values come from. But is this also why assisted living facilities in the Philippines bear a social stigma?

Yes, we take care of our own. Grandparents and great grandparents receive our full attention and care, a fact that the elderly population in the Philippines is thankful for. But let’s face it: sometimes, despite our efforts and good intentions, we may not always meet expectations and fall short of the care that our elders deserve.

Let’s take Renan, for example. He was a full-time office employee, working almost eighty hours a week to support his four young children and his aging father. Ever since his wife died, he has employed a helper to take care of household chores, given how he could only tend to his family before and after office hours.

Home Health Care Participates in the 2011 Palliative Care Symposium

Home Health Care strives to provide patients and their families with the best care possible. In the spirit of promoting education and awareness, Home Health Care’s very own Dr. Mary Jean Villareal-Guno helped organize the Palliative Care Symposium on Symptom Management last November 4, 2011.

Dr. Villa-Real - Guno, also the Assistant Secretary of Hospice Philippines, is one of the country’s movers and shakers in hospice and palliative care. As the President of Home Health Care, Dr. Villa -Real-Guno aims to lead a much-needed paradigm shift in Philippine health care, which is why she has actively participated in the movement to promote palliative medicine in the country.

After all, caring for loved ones and patients with life-limiting illnesses is especially challenging, considering the many questions that it provokes. Is life to be preserved at all costs? When does medical treatment do more harm than good? In terms of life support and resuscitation, where does a physician draw the line?

Caregiver Fatigue: What You Need to Know

Contrary to what Forrest Gump said, life is not like a box of chocolates. Not everything in life is going to be a pleasant treat; there will always be something that you shall find too spicy, sour, or bitter for your taste. For instance, as a caregiver, you probably know that caring for an ill loved one comes with all the above flavors. You might even come face to face with a syndrome that is considered unpalatable: caregiver fatigue.

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"I am so pleased with the progress of Tita Meneng. All our family and relatives are so surprised, we thought there is no more improvement to her condition. Thank God you are in this and your team is excellent. If you only read the care for the elderly here, its appalling!"

Mrs. Linda Roxas
Home Health Services Client