Group Flu and Pneumonia vaccinations at your own homes

Group flu and pneumonia vaccinations now possible for the families at their own homes or communities.

Home Health Care offers another unique service that still helps ensure that Lola and Lolo remain in good health.

If, in your particular home, community or neighborhood, there are seniors or home-bound individuals who have a difficult time traveling, why not set a special date for everybody to be available? Then, nurses from Home Health Care can come to your home or community and give everyone the flu and pneumonia shots on the same day.

Making a "Family Vaccination Day" type of activity makes a lot of sense, actually. It's a wonderful convenience to avoid the traffic and hassle of having to travel to a good hospital. It's a relief to know you won't be spending hours in a crowded waiting room. It's also a safe choice not to risk exposing your loved ones to a hospital environment, where they could pick up an infection.

If Mohammed can't come to the mountain, as they say, let the mountain come to Mohammed.

With the help of subdivision or parish leaders, or even just your neighbors up and down the street, such an event shouldn't be difficult to organize. Senior Residential Facility Clinical Operations Head Lou Priela says you can call Home Health Care any time to discuss options, the group's special needs, if any, and other details at 920 1445, 09228908704 or e mail her at

Why not schedule something for this summer? Sounds like a nice way to show Lolo and Lola how much you love them.

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