Home Health Services

Home Health Care (HHC) provides all arrays of services to meet the needs of the elderly and homebound individuals needing care in the comfort of their own homes.  It starts with a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health condition.  The approach is holistic and systematic, diagnosing the undetected health and social concerns of the senior or homebound individual.  Well trained and highly credentialed health professionals are available to do the delicate task of home care, fully aware and knowledgeable about the health challenges of aging, being medically fragile or technology-dependent.  

Home Health Care has a network of fully licensed health professionals with a vocation for the care of the elderly, homebound individuals,  willing and able to do home care and related services.  These include physicians, sub specialists, registered nurses, certified caregivers and other professional healthcare providers, skilled and knowledgeable to provide medical services at the comfort of homes and venues that the client prefers for convenience or practical purposes.  Services duly designed for home health care cover:

  •  House calls|
    by a doctor: P3,000
    by a nurse: P900
  •  Various medical procedures (intravenous IV insertion, Nasogastric tube or NGT insertion and feeding instructions, Catheter insertion and care, nebulization, ventilator care and management, oxygen monitoring)
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation(P1000/session)
    Occupational Therapy (P1,500/session)
  • Nutritional assessment and diet plan preparation(P2,000)
  • Pranic healing, acupuncture and reflexology
  • Physical exercise regimen and interactive social activities
  • Hospice care (pain management, medical care providers, family counselling, and spiritual support. (P3,000)


Arrangements can also be made to make the services, apart from home care,  available to the community or to the venue as preferred by the client such as in the office or in a group gathering.  Depending on the need and condition of the client, the service may be customized for small or big groups. 

Home Health Care makes it truly convenient and practical for elderly and homebound individuals to be taken good care of for prevention of illness and having long quality of life, as well as for treatment of health concerns at the comfort of home.


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