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Educational Attainment


B.S. Biology, University of Santo Tomas, 1979-1983

Doctor of Medicine, University of Santo Tomas,1983-1987

Residency Training in Family Medicine, UP-PGH,1989-1991

Master in Health Professions Education, UP-NTTC,1997-1999
Other Training Courses

Preceptorial in Hospice Care, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,New York,1991
Basic Course in Occupational Medicine, UP College of Public Health Medicine,May, 1992
Workshop for Course Writers in Distance Education, University of the Philippines, April 6,1995
Modules in Geriatrics,Philippine College of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 1997-1999

Board Examinations Passed

Doctor of Medicine - August 1988

Diplomate & Fellow, in Family Medicine - January 1995 & January 1997

Diplomate & Fellow,  in Gerontology and Geriatrics - March 1998 & 1999
Administrative Functions

Residency Training Officer, Department of Family Medicine,1996-present University of Santo Tomas

Coordinator, Family Health Care Program, 1999-present
UST Department of Family Medicine

Member, Department of Medical Education, UST 1999-2003



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Other Creative Works

1.Diabetes in the Elderly. The Filipino Family Physician, Vol. 30, No. 3 July-  Sept.  1992, 103-110.

2.Behavioral Science Lecture Series – Manual for Family Medicine Faculty, 1996

3.Primary Care in the Home of a patient with Cor Pulmonale: A Family Physician’s Experience. The Santo Tomas Journal of Medicine. Vol. 46, No. 1 January-March 1997, 41-47.

4.Residency Training Manual in Family Medicine, Editor-in-chief, December 1998

5.Perceptions of First Year Medical Students on Medical Sociology as reflected in their Narrative Report – thesis submitted to UP-NTTC- April 1999

6.Proceedings of the 1998-2000 PSTFM Annual Convention, 2000 - editor

7.Module on Art & Science of Medicine, 2001

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9.Video on The Seven Jumps in Problem-based Learning, 2001

10.Video on Active Listening Skills, 2001

11.Video on Health Education, 2001

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14.Innovative Curriculum Handbook, UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, June 2002

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19.Lifestyle Approaches in the Management of Hypertension. Doctor on Call, Vol. 5, No. 2, May-June 2004

Diplomate and Fellow, Philippine Academy of Family Physicians

Diplomate and  Fellow, Philippine College of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Inc.

President - Philippine Society of Teachers in Family Medicine – 2002-2005

Chair, Specialty Board of Examiners, Philippine Academy of Family Physicians, 2003-present

Vice President, Philippine College of Gerontology & Geriatrics, Inc. 2004- present

Member, Calamba Medical Society and Laguna Medical Society


Silver Series Research Awardee, UST - March 1, 2000

Second Runner-up, PAFP-Biomedis Annual Research Contest - Feb. 19, 2000

University Scholar, UP-NTTC - 1997-1998

Third Place, PAFP-Biomedis Annual Research Contest - Feb. 1996

Second Place, PAFP-Biomedis Annual Research Contest - Feb. 1992

Most Outstanding Alumni, Canossa Academy - 1991

Third Place, Interns’ Paper Presentation, UST - 1988

Leadership Award, Pax Romana - 1982

Gerry Roxas Leadership Award