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Highlight of Achievement:

•Mental Health Program Consultant, Camillus MedHaven, October 2006 to present

•Mental Health Program Consultant, St. Benedict’s Homes, April 2006 to present

•In-house Counselor (reliever), Pinoy Big Brother, ABS CBN, October 10-15, 2005

•Psychiatry Consultant, Hope & Wellness Community, July 2003 to April 1004

•Psychiatry Consultant, South Super Highway Medical Center, August 2002 to present

•Psychiatry Consultant, LR Medical and X-ray Clinic, March 2004 to present

•Psychiatry Consultant, Transglobal Healthcare System, March 2004 to present

•Psychiatry Consultant and Geriatrician, Wellness Place, Quezon City, February 2002 to present

•Psychiatry Consultant. FEU-NRMF Hospital, Quezon City, May 2000 to July 2001

•Psychiatry Consultant, Roads and Bridges to Recovery, Pasig City, September 2000 to July 2001

•Psychiatry Consultant, Life Change Recovery Center, Quezon City, June 1998 to present

•Psychiatrist and Neuro-Psychiatric (N-P) Screener, St. Jude General Hospital and Medical Center, Industrial Medicine Division, Manila, January 1997 to present

•Psychiatrist, Megamed Health and Maintenance System, Quezon City, June 1995 to December 1998

•Psychiatric and N-P Screener, la Consolacion Medical Specialists and Diagnostic Center, Quezon City, January to December 1995

•Visiting Consultant, Clinic of the Holy Spirit, Quezon City, January to December 1995

•Visiting Consultant, Estrellas Home Care, Quezon City, January to December 1995

•Resident Trainee, Department of Psychiatry, Veterans Memorial Center, Quezon City, October 1990 to October 1994

•General Practitioner, Citimed Polyclinic and Drugs, San Juan, August 1989 to July 1990

•Medical Assistant, Saratan Medical Clinic, Manila, September to October 1988

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"Just want to share with you the activities that transpired here last Saturday (January 10, 2012). The first one is tossing 25 cents into 2 plastic cups. You earn points for every coin you shoot. The aim of the game is to test the precision of vision of the patient. The second game is passing the ball. Everytime the music stops the one who is holding the ball is out. The loser had to sing or dance as a consequence. We really brought the house down with our laughter. All the elders participated, including Perla. We really had fun. The ideas that Bing Quemano applies are beneficial to the patients. I cannot contain myself not to share you this. After the activity, Eveleyn cook pancit for merienda. Salamat po. God Bless!"

Dolly Bundalian
SRF Resident